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(2010 Twins Winter Caravan)


(2009 Twins Winter Caravan)

2008 Twins Winter Caravan West Tour Itinerary Jan. 14-17

Tuesday, Jan. 15
9:15-9:45 a.m. BENSON: KBMO Radio
10:05-10:35 a.m. MURDOCK: Murdock Elementary
Noon-12:50 p.m. MORRIS: Old #1 Restaurant
Open to the public.
1-1:30 p.m. MORRIS: Morris Area Elementary School
5:30-8:30 p.m. WATERTOWN: County Fair Banquet Hall
ADDRESS: 8 2nd St NE, 57201
Open to the public. For tickets call 605-886-8444

{2008 Photo Gallery}

Twins turn two
Morris Sun Tribune Published Wednesday, January 16, 2008
"Minnesota Twins catcher Mike Redmond and Twins rightfielder Michael Cuddyer met local fans during the annual Twins Caravan stop in Morris Tuesday at Old #1 and Morris Area Elementary School. Several dozen fans turned out to eat ballpark food, fire a few questions at the players, get some autographs and pose for photos. In an accompanying photo, Cuddyer posed with one fan while a smaller one nearby still was having some trouble getting over an unpleasant meeting with T.C., the Twins mascot. See Saturday�s Sun Tribune for the two Mike�s views on the Twins� 2008 season, and the Sun Tribune Web site at www.morrissuntribune for more Caravan photos."

Twins "Winter Caravan" 2007 Tour

I am very sad to say that I wasn't able to make it this year because of my day-time job. However, it was cool that they came this year because after "them" not coming last year-I thought we (Morris) scared them to not come again!

Twins win over Morris crowd Morris Sun Tribune Published Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Matt Huot and Renae Mullins enjoy the antics of Minnesota Twins� mascot, T.C., Thursday during a visit from the Twins Winter Caravan at Morris Area High School. Twins pitcher Boof Bonser, former Twins star and broadcaster Bert Blyleven and Twins shortstop Jason Bartlett stopped in the school office to pose for photographs before getting back on the road for stops in Glenwood, Dassel-Cokato, and Willmar. This is the Caravan�s 47th year, making it the longest-running off-season team caravan in professional sports. This year�s Caravan made stops in more than 50 communities throughout the Upper Midwest between Jan. 15 and Jan. 25."

Twins "Winter Caravan" 2005 Tour

West Central (Glenwood-Fergus-Ortonville)-Morris, Minnesota
Tuesday, January 26th of 2005 @2:15-3:15p

{05' Photo Gallery}

Michael Cuddyer and Al prior to their 10 minute radio interview at KKOK 95.7 FM Morris Radio Station

Bert Blyleven chatting with the fans at the radio station

I chat with Riley before the Twins enter in the radio station

I'm in the background behind Bert getting ready for some autographs

Al Newman poses with Ben

Bert with Ben

Bert with cop

Bert with Riley

Bert shatting with City of Morris Police officer, who happens to coach a little league team

Matt Lecroy

Bert Blyleven

Lecroy and Cuddhyer

Lecroy and Cuddhyer head out after a 10-15 minute interview at KKOK's Radio Interview Box Room

Lecroy, and Cuddhyer heading out

Twins having fun throwing snowballs before they depart in their next city tour visit in Ortonville.

Twins "Winter Caravan" Bus is ready to leave Morris' KKOK Radio Station

Morris' Annual Salvation Army Sponsored Game


Morris residents watch along the 3rd Base Foul Line in left field prior to the Twins game, which they won!

Twins Fest 2006

I went with my brother "Ceo" to this annual event this year, which we haven't been to together since we were avid fans growing up. This was my birthday gift to my younger bro!

Bert Blyleven signs my 87' Fleer Bert Baseball Card

Tony Oliva signs my "Oliva" Baseball Card

It cost only $15 to get the two Twin Greats to sign as it goes to the Twins Community Fund

Twins Fest 2005

Metrodome-Minneapolis, Minnesota

I had the opportunity to revisit Twins Fest 2005 (Friday, January 29th 2005), which I haven't attended one of these since I was a kid (91 and after?)

I decided to check this event out just for "kicks" as I wanted to take a teenager (Cory) I mentor with me, so he can too experience the fun at his age. Ironically, Cory was born during the Twins first World Series Championship game that they won later in October 12th of 1987.

Mauer Brother (brother of the Twins fan favorite-Joe Mauer) signing autographs (no charge-FREE) in one of several autograph stations (others charged money according to profile)

Mauer Brother #2 signing too!
*I told him I played for Harding Senior High (freshmen and jv 1992-1994), which his alma mater h.s. (Cretin) was the team to beat all the time! He then shared that he and his family goes around West Central Minnesota-Morris area to go hunting!

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  • Twins' Coach Locker Room during the Twins Locker Room "behind the scenes" tour

    Twins Fest View from the Press Box

    Press Box Tour

    Sal posing in front of the Twins Bear Inflatable

    Cory tries out the pitching

    Cory check out the pitching area

    Cory poses in front of the 87' World Series Trophy (year he was born!)

    Sal poses inside the garage (right field) as he heads out

    Cory also poses inside the garage

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    This Page is Dedicated to my favorite baseball player of all time:

    #34 Centerfielder for the Minnesota Twins

    Kirby "K-r-r-r-r-by" Puckett!

    Kirby (biography) was a great person on (Hall of Fame inductee in 2001) and off the field (minnesota giving). I remember growing-up (10 years old) , I witnessed Kirby take the Minnesota Twins to win the team's first World Series in 1987. I had the privilege with many other St. Paul public school students to get out of school early to attend the celebration parade through downtown St. Paul after winning the championship. It was a celebration (confetti thrown from the building tops, crowded streets, shouting/yelling, etc..) that I will never experience again! Then in 1991, Kirby became the spotlight of the second World Series Championship...."..and we'll see you tomorrow night!" (a famous line by the sports announcer after Kirby nailed a homerun to take the Twins to Game 7). That same game, he made a memorable catch (one of many he made over his career) to grab a homerun off Ron Gant!

    Above were just some of the highlights of his career. Many off his off-the-field highlights occurred with no cameras. I remember one-time he came over to our school in St. Paul to visit. My whole school was excited, which I didn't really had the chance to personally meet him because of the large crowd. However, I had the opportunity to meet him in person twice-both times during Twins Fest. Back then, the autographs were free, which I had him sign my baseball both times (year unknown?).

    I decided to write this tribute today (Wednesday, March 8th of 2006) after his "unexpected" death this past Sunday...

    "The Minnesota Twins have announced that Kirby Puckett is hospitalized in Arizona after suffering a stroke at his Scottsdale home. Puckett was a fan favorite"-Minnesota Public Radio
    Friends, Fellow Athletes Remember Puckett (WCCO)
    "(WCCO) Even though Kirby Puckett played his last professional game on Sept. 28, 1995, the loss of #34 is being felt across the Minnesota Twins' spring training complex in Fort Myers, Fla."
    Public memorial set for Puckett on Sunday (Kare 11)
    "On Tuesday, the Minnesota Twins announced that a public memorial service for the Hall of Famer would be held at the Metrodome in Minneapolis at 7 p.m on Sunday, March 12. Doors will open at six o'clock.
    Ball club officials said that the program celebrating Puckett's life and career will include tributes from family, friends, current and former Twins players, as well as video highlights."

    Legislature pauses in tribute to Puckett Last update: March 08, 2006 � 1:20 PM (Star Tribune)
    "Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson held up a baseball Puckett gave him and talked about Puckett's impact in baseball and beyond, through scholarship programs and children's charities.
    Senators bowed their heads and observed a moment of silence in Puckett's memory.

    The secret life of Kirby Puckett (Pioneer Press 2002)
    "Kirby denied all the allegations to police, saying they argued after Tonya threatened to keep him from seeing their two adopted children again. Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar declined to file a felony complaint because the alleged threat came on a long-distance call from Atlantic City, making it hard to prove Tonya was in imminent danger. Edina city attorney Marsh Halberg declined to file a misdemeanor complaint because Tonya waited six days to file her report and because the two participants were the only witnesses, and their stories were so conflicting."

    I first heard of him being at the hospital when I was at work Monday morning. Then I would hear the tragic news that he died as I was checking my e-mail at a friend's apartment that evening. I then started to reminincse my personal encounters (e.g. getting his autograph) with friends. I remember playing baseball with neighborhood friends as a kid in East St. Paul (Battle Creek neighborhood) , we would love to copy Kirby when we bat. I would do the "cross" (first on the chest and then on homeplate with the bat) right at the plate as Kirby did many times. As a Catholic growing-up, I thought it was cool to see him do this. I saw this a faithbuilder in my early years before growing-up in my dedicated personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

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  • Kirby Puckett From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "(March 14, 1960 – March 6, 2006) was a Major League Baseball center fielder. He played his entire 12-year baseball career with the Minnesota Twins (1984-1995). He is the Twins franchise's all-time leader (1961–present) in career hits, runs, doubles and total bases. His .318 career batting average was the highest by any right-handed American League batter in the second half of the 20th century.
    Puckett was the fourth baseball player during the 20th century to record 1,000 hits in his first five full calendar years in Major League Baseball, and one of only two to record 2,000 hits during his first ten full calendar years. After being forced to retire at age 35 due to loss of vision in one eye from glaucoma, he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001 in his first year of eligibility.
    On March 5, 2006, Puckett suffered a stroke at his home in Arizona. He died the next day."...
    Retirement and accolades
    On March 28, 1996, Puckett woke up without vision in his right eye. He was diagnosed with glaucoma, and was placed on the disabled list for the first time in his professional career. Several surgeries over the next few months could not restore vision in the eye; Puckett never played professional baseball again.[24] On July 12, Puckett announced his retirement from baseball at age 36.[25] Puckett moved to Scottsdale, Arizona along with his fiancee' Jodi Olson & her son Cameron, in the winter of 2003....
    Puckett became the subject of controversy in the years before his death. He was arrested and charged with groping a woman in a restroom at Redstone American Grill in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, on September 5, 2002. A witness testified that he saw Puckett drag a woman into the bathroom at the restaurant, and that she appeared terrified when she came out moments later. The alleged victim claims Puckett squeezed her breast hard enough to cause a bruise. Puckett was charged with false imprisonment, a felony; fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor; and fifth-degree assault, a misdemeanor.[28] Puckett was acquitted.[29]
    In the March 17, 2003 edition of Sports Illustrated, columnist Frank Deford wrote an article entitled "The Rise and Fall of Kirby Puckett", that documented Puckett's alleged indiscretions and attempted to contrast his private image with the much-revered public image he maintained before his arrest.[3

    * Issues: Sex<
    He died on March 6 in Phoenix of complications from the stroke shortly after being disconnected from life support, just 8 days away from his 46th birthday.[32][33] The official cause of death was recorded as "cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertension." Puckett died at the second-youngest age (behind Lou Gehrig) of any Hall of Famer inducted while living, and the youngest to die after being inducted in the modern era of the five-season waiting period. ...

    Believing is seeing- Kirby Puckett's vision is impaired, but his worldview is clear by Margie Haack of World Magazine (October 5th of 1996)
    "But what really made Kirby stand out was the character he displayed...
    Kirby was generous: giving away millions in free tickets, scholarships, medical treatment, and community service.
    And another: Two years ago in spring training, after three hours of drills, he signed about 200 autographs. When one child deceitfully wanting an extra special signature on a baseball asked, "Mr. Puckett, could you write on it, 'opening night,'" Kirby laughed and said, "I don't know if I'll be living opening night . . . kid, you can go any time." Stretched out in the Twins clubhouse later, Kirby spoke seriously: "You don't know how long God wants you here, so you should always give all thanks to him."

    How to be a Disciple (religion-online)
    "Few have illustrated this better than Kirby Puckett, for 13 years center fielder for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. He had a career batting average of .318, made the All-Star lineup ten years in a row, and won six Golden Gloves for defensive play. He was one of the most loved men ever to play the game, and a well-known Christian.
    Dennis Martinez, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, once crushed the left side of Kirby's face with a pitch. Martinez assumed that Kirby would hate him. But when he had recovered a bit, Kirby called Martinez "my good friend" and blamed himself for not getting out of the way of the fastball. He was an outstanding community leader for good causes, and expressed his faith naturally in words that matched his life. Everyone knew who Kirby was trusting and why he would not hate someone who had injured him. He was living in God's world and relying upon it."

    -Memorable Moments:
    Kirby Puckett: Wonder Twin

    "Kirby Puckett was a great player, one of the best I ever saw play. He was known for his tremendous hittings as well as his surprising agility in the field. One fateful night during the 1991 World Series, he activated his Wonder Twin Powers and soared like an eagle, just like his fellow Wonder Twin Jana could. Zan brought nothing to the table for me by the way..."
    Kirby Puckett Tribute Video, from
    Sue's Views: Kirby touched 'em all, touched us all(Morris Sun Tribune)

    Kirby Puckett Tribute

    Kirby Puckett-A tribute

    What A Wonderful World
    -by Louis Armstrong

    "I see trees of green........ red roses too I see em bloom..... for me and for you And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.
    I see skies of blue..... clouds of white Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world.
    The colors of a pretty the sky Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do Theyre really sayin......i love you.
    I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow Theyll learn much more.....than Ill never know And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world
    (instrumental break)
    The colors of a pretty the sky Are there on the faces.....of people ..going by I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do Theyre really sayin...*spoken*(I
    I hear babies cry...... I watch them grow *spoken*(you know their gonna learn A whole lot more than Ill never know) And I think to myself .....what a wonderful world Yes I think to myself .......what a wonderful world.

    This song was played during the tribute to Kirby Puckett, which was sung by a former Twin Great-Jim "Mudcat" Grant. They would play this throughout the 06' season at the home games during the 7th inning stretch. A last quote of Kirby that was repeatedly mentioned was...

    "Can you all just do me one favor?" he asks. "Don't take life for granted, because tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Live, love, laugh, enjoy life. These were the best twelve years. Thank you all so much. I love you all very much."- from MPR

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  • Jim Souhan: Puckett tribute reflects his knack for brightening mood Jim Souhan, Star Tribune Last update: March 12, 2006 � 11:56 PM

  • " May we all be remembered this way. May we all be remembered by friends who view our lives as highlight reels, who see us in midleap, not on our inevitable descent; who honor us with laughs, as well as tears.
    May all we fools and sinners receive such grace and charity, and may we all be blessed by someone like Jim (Mudcat) Grant singing something like Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World."
    Sunday night at the Metrodome, about 15,000 people gathered to honor the memory of Kirby Puckett, the Twins' Hall of Fame center fielder, who died last Monday in Arizona after a stroke.

  • Kirby Puckett, 45, Hall of Fame Outfielder, Dies By RICHARD GOLDSTEIN Published: March 7, 2006

  • "He appeared in 10 consecutive All-Star Games, beginning with his third season in 1986. He led the Twins to World Series championships in 1987 and 1991, and he had a .318 career batting average with 2,304 hits and 207 home runs. He won the American League batting title in 1989 with a .339 average and batted over .300 in 8 of his 12 seasons. He led the American League or was tied for the most hits in a season four times, he was the runs-batted-in leader in 1994, and he won a Gold Glove award for his fielding six times.
    For all those statistical achievements, Puckett was hailed as much for the sheer joy he communicated at a time when soaring salaries distanced many players from their fans.
    "I played every game like it was my last," Puckett said when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001, his first year of eligibility. "I think I'm one of the few guys who can say I left my blood, sweat and tears on the field."
    Puckett was also known for his work in community projects. He played host to a billiards tournament benefiting pediatric heart research, worked with antidrug programs and bought tickets to Twins games for poor children.
    He had a routinely outstanding season in 1995, batting .314. But on March 28, 1996, when he awakened at the Twins' spring camp in Fort Myers, Fla., a black dot appeared in the central part of his right retina and he could not see when looking straight ahead. He was found to have a central retina vein occlusion in that eye and glaucoma in both eyes.
    He never played again, announcing his retirement the next July after the third in a series of operations on his right eye revealed irreversible retina damage.
    On the night of Sept. 7, 1996, a sellout crowd of 51,011 — the largest at the Twins' stadium since their 1993 season opener — bade Puckett farewell before a game with the California Angels.
    Puckett was named an executive vice president of the Twins soon after he retired. But he left that post in November 2002 after a stunning turn of fortune for a man considered one of the most popular sports figures in Minnesota history.
    On Dec. 21, 2001, Puckett's wife, Tonya, filed a report with the police in Edina, Minn., saying that in a telephone conversation earlier that month, Puckett had threatened to kill her. She also recounted what she said was his history of domestic violence. Puckett denied being a threat and no criminal charges were filed, but soon afterward the couple announced plans to divorce.
    In October 2002, Puckett was charged with false imprisonment, criminal sexual conduct and assault after a woman accused him of forcing her into a men's room at a restaurant in Eden Prairie, Minn., and groping her. He was found not guilty at a jury trial the next April, but he remained out of baseball.
    Kirby Puckett was born in Chicago on March 14, 1960. He grew up in a housing project on the South Side, the youngest of nine children. His father was a postal worker and the family lived in a three-room apartment.
    "I didn't get into trouble because I stayed away from those elements," he once told Ira Berkow of The New York Times. "I had my sights set on playing ball. If you ever wanted to find Kirby Puckett, you knew where to go — around the corner, where I'd be there with my ball and bat and hitting and throwing against a wall."
    Puckett was drafted by the Twins in 1982 after playing for Bradley University and Triton College in Illinois. He helped take the Twins to the 1987 World Series championship, a seven-game victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. He was named the most valuable player in the 1991 American League Championship Series against Toronto , then hit an 11th-inning home run in Game 6 of the World Series against the Braves, keeping the Twins alive. They went on to beat Atlanta for the championship....


    13 Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” 14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. 15 Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” 16 As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil. 17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

    What do you want in the new Twins Ball Park?

    " As a fan since their first World Series Championship in 87', I would like to see a memorail type (similar to Green Bay Packer's Lambeau field) museum (that can be open for tourist-similar to the Orioles, which has the Babe Ruth House a couple blocks down) display as a rememberance for Twins fans in the future. I've visited ball parks across the country (e.g. Fenway, Shea, Camden Yards, Kansas City, etc...), as an admirer of architecture, it'll be "nice" to include a unique outside look that can be a touristy place for baseball and non-baseball fans that go through downtown Minneapolis.

    As an avid baseball fan, I would like to see some batting cages to "kill some time" prior to the game or even after. Also, include a speed pitch game to measure how individuals can pitch. I reccomend some shopping plaza across the street or inside for girls/lady's so they won't get too bored when the go with their "man"!

    As a 2nd generation Filipino-American, it'll be "cool" to see different flags representing the different countries that has been represented in a Twins Team (e.g. Liriano-Dominican Republic, Santana-Vanezuela, Reyes-Mexico?, Blyleven-Netherlands?, etc...). I feel this will encourage fans from different ethnic groups represented in out growin diverse ethnic population in Minnesota (e.g. I live in small rural town Morris, and I've been playing ball with a kid whose mom is from the Dominican Republic)

    As a 2nd generation Filipino-American, it'll be "cool" to see different flags representing the different countries that has been represented in a Twins Team (e.g. Liriano-Dominican Republic, Santana-Vanezuela, Reyes-Mexico?, Blyleven-Netherlands?, etc...). I feel this will encourage fans from different ethnic groups represented in out growin diverse ethnic population in Minnesota (e.g. I live in small rural town Morris, and I've been playing ball with a kid whose mom is from the Dominican Republic)

    These are just some ideas for now...

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    Mudcat Grant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "..James Timothy "Mudcat" Grant (born August 13, 1935 in Lacoochee, Florida) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Cleveland Indians (1958–64), Minnesota Twins (1964–67), Los Angeles Dodgers (1968), Montreal Expos (1969), St. Louis Cardinals (1969), Oakland Athletics (1970 and 1971) and Pittsburgh Pirates (1970–71). He was named to the 1963[1] and 1965 American League All-Star Teams.
    Grant signed with the Cleveland Indians in 1954 as an amateur free agent and made his big league debut with the Indians in 1958. His best season in Cleveland was in 1961 when he had a won-loss record of 15-9 and a 3.86 earned run average. In June 1964, he was traded to the Minnesota Twins and had a record of 11-9 for the remainder of the season. In 1965 Grant had the best year of his career. He was 21-7 for the Twins, helping to lead the team to the 1965 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
    He finished 6th in voting for the 1965 American League MVP for leading the League in Wins, Won-Loss % (.750), Shutouts (6) and Home Runs Allowed (34). He also started 39 Games, had 14 Complete Games, 270 ⅓ Innings Pitched, 252 Hits Allowed, 107 Runs Allowed, 99 Earned Runs Allowed, 61 Walks, 142 Strikeouts, 8 Wild Pitches, 1,095 Batters Faced, 2 Intentional Walks and a 3.30 ERA. Grant's home run in the 6th game of the 1965 World Series was only the second by an American League pitcher during a World Series game...



  • Killebrew Issues Statement About Cancer Treatment January 19, 2011 1:10 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hall of Fame slugger Harmon Killebrew has been going through chemotherapy for his esophageal cancer for about three weeks, a daunting regimen that he said has been aided “by the outpouring of support and prayers” he has received.
    Killebrew issued a statement through the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday, saying his doctors remain hopeful he will make a full recovery.
    "My wife Nita and I continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and prayers we have received while I am undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer," Killebrew said. “My chemotherapy is ongoing and the team of medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic is hopeful for my full recovery."...
    "It has been a tough battle but Nita and I have found comfort in the love and encouragement from our family and friends,” Killebrew said. “We still have a long road ahead of us and we ask for your continued prayers."...

    *see Prayer-needs, reports, requests, testimonies, etc..



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    Bert Blyleven Head Shaving

    "June 19, 2007 - Minnesota Twins announcer Bert Blyleven bet the best pitcher in baseball that he could not pitch a complete game shutout. The wager was Bert's hair and Johan Santana pitched a four-hit shutout."
    FS North Interview 10/6/09: Joe Mauer

    "Joe Mauer clinched his third AL batting crown in four years last night, but something else gave him a reason to smile. Check out his interview with FS Norths Dick Bremer from the champagne-soaked Twins clubhouse."


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  • "From the Northwest (Elk River, St. Cloud, Alexandria)
    Travel eastbound on I-94 and exit on Olson Memorial Highway (Highway 55). Turn left (East) after exiting then another right onto North 7th Street (Highway 55). You will see Target Field on your left. "

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    Questions - Twin Cities Baseball Parking - parking around Target ..., from
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    "Payment must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of your event to guaranteed a space. Please include your group name and parking date in the memo line of your check or money order...
    Drop off location is:
    Ramp A Office @ 101 N. 9th St. Minneapolis, MN 55403
    Phone: (612) 339 - 7557..
    Assigned Parking Zone: Zone 2
    Amount Due: $20.00
    Check or Money Order Payable to: City Of Minneapolis Bus Parking
    Include in Memo Line: 9/3 Zone 2 & Ref # 20

    -Dropping Off Passengers
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  • "Vehicles with accessible parking permits may pick up and drop off passengers along 7th Street near both the Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store and Gate 14. Parking is not permitted in this location."
    Information and Assistance
    Our Guest Services staff is available to help ensure that your visit to Target Field is an enjoyable one. If you require assistance, please call 800-33- TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of the Guest Services Centers located near Section 113 on the Main Concourse and Section 204 on the Terrace Concourse.
    UCare Seating Locations for Individuals with Disabilities
    There is UCare accessible seating available on all levels at Target Field. UCare accessible seating at Target Field is available to all guests with any type of special seating needs. The UCare accessible seating at Target Field is designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Guests that do not use wheelchairs, but still require accessible seating, will be provided with padded folding chairs to use in these locations.
    Assisted Listening Devices (ALD)
    State-of-the-art devices that transmit ballpark audio are available for guests who are hard of hearing for use during games. These devices are available free of charge. Our Guest Services staff is available to help ensure that your visit to Target Field is an enjoyable one. If you require assistance, please contact our Guest Services Staff at 1-800-33- TWINS or 612-33-TWINS (voice) or 612-659-3648 (TTY) or visit one of the Guest Services Centers located on the Main Concourse near Section 113 and on the Terrace Concourse near section 204
    Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

    Making Target Field accessible for our guests with disabilities is an ongoing commitment. In our efforts to improve accessibility, we welcome all comments and suggestions.
    Please direct any comments, suggestions or questions to:
    Minnesota Twins
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  • Torii Hunter visits Bethel campus Twins all-star, along with Bethel coaches and players, lead clinic for area kids, from Bethel University Athletics

  • "Indlecoffer also mentioned how nice it was to work with a big-name athlete whose religious beliefs fit with Bethel baseball and the university as a whole. Hunter, who has worked with Athletes in Action, is well-known for his Christian testimony. While he did not give his testimony at the clinic, Hunter said his Christian faith is a central part of everything he does. �I wouldn�t be where I am right now if I didn�t have that faith, if the Lord Jesus Christ wasn�t with me. I can�t do anything without him,� said the three-time Gold Glove winner. "
  • Twins' Ford relies on commitment to Christ By George Henson (9/2/05) from Baptist Standard

  • "About a month after he began attending church, he went to San Antonio to meet her grandmother. During their visit, he began asking questions about how to know Christ as Savior, and she led him to a profession of faith. That commitment to Christ has served him well as a baseball player, Ford said. "There are times you get into situations you don't want to get into, and you start to feel uncomfortable. That's the Holy Spirit telling you it's time to leave," he said. "

    Where is...?

  • Chuck Knoblauch, faqfarm
  • Where are they now? Scott Leius Former third baseman committed to working with youth By Thor Nystrom / 08/29/2008 10:00 AM ET

  • "It took one swing for Scott Leius to secure his position in Twins baseball lore. On the first pitch in the bottom of the eighth inning in Game 2 of the 1991 World Series, with a deadlocked 2-2 score, Leius took Atlanta starter Tom Glavine deep. The Twins won the game, 3-2, eventually forced a deciding seventh game, and won the championship.
    These days, Leius works as an account manager for Forsythe Solutions, an employee-owned IT company based out of Chicago.
    His passion, however, is working with kids.
    Leius helps run Big League Baseball Camps with former teammates Gene Larkin and Tim Laudner in the winter, coaches seventh-grade football in the fall, coaches youth baseball in the summer, and supports Youth Alive Wayzata, a faith-based youth group.
    "I love being involved with the kids," Leius said. "I want to be a good influence and mentor to them."
    Leius, born in Yonkers, N.Y., was drafted in the 13th round by the Twins in the 1986 First-Year Player Draft. He played with the club from 1990-95. Leius also played a year with the Indians and two seasons with the Royals before retiring after the 1999 season.
    Leius was a hard-working, solid defender who struggled with injuries. Still, he forged a nine-year career in which he batted .244 with 172 RBIs.
    He still keeps in touch with former teammates Scott Erickson, Chili Davis, Paul Sorrento, Kevin Tapani and Kent Hrbek. He said he wears his World Series ring about "50 percent of the time," acknowledging that it is a "great conversation piece."
    The 42-year-old Leius now focuses on being the best father he can for sons Mickey, 12, and Jack, 10.
    As a native New Yorker, Leius keeps an eye on the Yankees, but says "the Twins are my team." He still talks to manager Ron Gardenhire, a man whom Leius believes had a positive influence on his career.
    Leius was 25 years old when he helped Minnesota win the '91 World Series. He played in all seven games, going 5-for-14 (.357). He is frequently recognized and still gets fan mail to this day, a testament to his influence in securing the championship.
    "I still miss baseball," Leius said. "I still miss Spring Training. I miss the smell of pine tar, swinging the bat."
    Leius would like to be remembered as a guy who "played the game the right way and played the game with passion and as hard as you can."
    "That's my thing with the kids," Leius said. "You'll win some, lose some, stink some nights, but no one can take away your passion or your effort."
    Thor Nystrom is an associate reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs. "

    Season Highlights

    2009 Season

    2008 Season

    2007 Season

    16-4 Win vs. Detroit Tigers at the Metrodome
    Highlights: Bonser finally gets his first win; HR: T Hunter 2 (8, 1st inning off V Vasquez 2 on, 1 Out; 7th inning off W Ledezma 1 on, 0 Out); M Redmond (1, 7th inning off W Ledezma 0 on, 1 Out); M Cuddyer (3, 8th inning off J Mesa 2 on, 0 Out)
    Record: 18-19 (4th place in Central Division)
    Minnesota 12, Chi White Sox 0 By ANDREW SELIGMAN, AP Sports Writer July 7, 2007
    " Minnesota Twins' Justin Morneau celebrates with teammates after hitting his third home run of the second game of a baseball doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox, during the seventh inning Friday, July 6, 2007, in Chicago. The Twins won 12-0, after taking the first game 20-14.
    CHICAGO (AP) -- Justin Morneau took a swing at history, but settled for a career game.
    Morneau homered three times in the second game of a day-night doubleheader and the Minnesota Twins capped a huge day on offense by routing the Chicago White Sox 12-0 on Friday night.
    "Those are just days you put in your memory bank and don't expect them to happen," Morneau said.
    Morneau became the fourth Twins player to hit three home runs in a game, and Minnesota hit six in all in the nightcap to complete the sweep. The Twins won 20-14 in the opener.
    It was the most runs scored by one team in a doubleheader since the Boston Red Sox totaled 35 in a sweep of the Philadelphia Athletics on July 4, 1939, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.
    Morneau hit a three-run drive in the first, a solo shot in the third and a two-run homer in the seventh, giving him 23 this year. He became the first Twins player to hit three in a game since Tony Oliva against Kansas City on July 3, 1973, and he joined a group that also includes Bob Allison and Harmon Killebrew.
    Morneau had a shot at tying the major league record in the eighth but fell one homer shy. He unleashed a big swing and missed the first offering, then flied to left five pitches later.
    "He just missed that last one," teammate Torii Hunter said. "He popped it up, hit it high. We hadn't had anyone do that in 34 years, Tony Oliva, so that's a big honor for him."
    Morneau watched a video of his hits from last season on Thursday night and responded with his first three-homer game at any level.
    "I was trying to get something good in my mind before I went to bed, and it ended up working," he said.
    Hunter added a solo shot in the third after going deep in the early game, Michael Cuddyer hit a solo homer in the fifth and pinch-hitter Jeff Cirillo had a three-run homer in the seventh.
    That came after a day game that featured more runs than any contest in more than eight years. The 34 runs were the most since May 19, 1999, when Cincinnati beat Colorado 24-12, according to Elias.
    Minnesota Twins closer Joe Nathan, right, celebrates with catcher Joe Mauer after the Twins beat the Chicago White Sox 12-0 in the second game of a baseball doubleheader Friday, July 6, 2007, in Chicago. The Twins beat the White Sox 20-14 in the first game.
    But a major scare tempered the good vibe for Minnesota.
    Twins catcher Mike Redmond sustained a bloody gash on his head after Chicago's Jim Thome accidentally hit him in the head with his bat in the first inning of the second game.
    Thome fouled off a pitch and lost control of the bat on the backswing, sending it flying into the right side of Redmond's helmet. Redmond took seven stitches at the ballpark but said he's fine.
    Designated hitter Joe Mauer went in to catch for the Twins, meaning starting pitcher Matt Garza became the first pitcher to hit in an American League game since Boston's Hipolito Pichardo at Seattle on July 31, 2000.
    Garza (1-0) pitched six shutout innings, allowing five hits and three walks while striking out six in his first start and second appearance this season since being called up from Triple-A Rochester.
    Gavin Floyd (0-1) allowed six runs and eight hits in 5 2-3 innings. He also walked four in his first appearance for the White Sox. Acquired from Philadelphia in the Freddy Garcia trade last December, Floyd was called up from Triple-A Charlotte on Thursday.
    "It was hard to watch, hard to feel that way," Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen said. "You can do nothing about it."
    Morneau and Hunter hit consecutive shots in the third -- the third time the Twins did that this year. It was Morneau's fourth multihomer game this season and the eighth of his career.
    Morneau became the fourth big league player to connect three times in a game this season, joining Houston's Carlos Lee (April 13), the Chicago Cubs' Alfonso Soriano (June 8) and Texas' Brad Wilkerson (July 3).
    It was fitting given what happened in the first game.
    Minnesota Twins' Justin Morneau hits a three-run home run against the Chicago White Sox during the first inning in the second game of a baseball doubleheader Friday, July 6, 2007, in Chicago.
    Hunter homered, Jason Kubel hit a grand slam, and the Twins handed Chicago's Jon Garland one of the worst beatings of his career.
    The Twins scored their most runs since piling up 23 against Cleveland on June 4, 2002. The White Sox had not allowed 20 since April 2, 1998, against Texas.
    Garland (6-6) tied a career high by allowing 12 runs, 11 earned. He gave up 11 hits, tying a season high, walked three and did not strike out a batter.
    He did all that in just 3 1-3 innings, his earliest exit since lasting 2 2-3 innings against Detroit on Aug. 19, 2004. But that was enough time for his ERA to leap from 3.15 to 3.92.
    Garland's day ended when Kubel hit the second grand slam of his career to make it 12-4 -- even though things had gotten ugly long before that.
    "The result was absolutely terrible," Garland said. "I'm embarrassed by it."
    Scott Baker (3-3) got the win despite allowing seven runs and nine hits in five innings. He struck out six and walked one.
    Chicago set season highs for runs and hits (18). It was the most runs for the White Sox since scoring 20 against St. Louis on June 20, 2006.
    "I didn't know we were going to play a football game," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said.
    Kubel drove in a career-high seven runs. Mauer had four hits and tied a career high with five RBIs. Hunter, Luis Castillo, Jason Bartlett and Morneau each had three hits, and Minnesota banged out 21 in all -- one shy of its season high.
    Hunter delivered a highlight reel play in the third inning of the first game when the center fielder raced into the gap to snag Juan Uribe's drive to left-center. He leaped as he backhanded the ball, avoiding a collision with Kubel. ... The White Sox placed reliever Mike MacDougal on the 15-day DL with right shoulder inflammation and activated right-hander Dewon Day (sore back).
    Updated on Saturday, Jul 7, 2007 1:27 am EDT

    -Twins' New Target Field Ground Breaking Ceremony (August 30th 2007)


    2006 Tribute

  • 2006 Minnesota Twins Central Division Title @ the Dome, from

  • "After the Twins won 5-1 to the White sox... Detroit had to lose in order for the twins to win the central.. Everybody stayed after the game to watch as the royals beat the tigers and the twins became the 2006 Central Division Champs "


    Pt 4 Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series Champions Simply the Best

    "Kirby Puckett! Sorry that part 5 is missing. Youtube said it had copyright infringing content. "

    Pt 6 Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series Champions Simply the Best

    Pt 7 Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series Champions Simply the Best

  • The Saga of the '91 World Series, from

  • "Atlanta Braves vs. Minnesota Twins recap and Kirby Puckett game 6 highlights. "

    1st Championship-1987 World Series

  • 1987 Minnesota Twins season From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "..won the World Series for the first time since moving from Washington in 1961, marking the second time that the franchise had won the World Series. (The Washington Senators had won it in 1924.) Manager Tom Kelly managed the rare feat of winning the World Series in his first full season as manager...
    "..The Twins were 85-77, first in the American League West. The team had one of the lowest winning percentages ever for a World Series champion, at .525. It also had the remarkably bad road record of 29-52 (.358 percentage). Fortunately for the team, the Twins played in the weak American League West Division, where first and last place were separated by only ten games.
    2,081,976 fans attended Twins games, the sixth highest total in the American League.
    Only one Twin made the All-Star Game, outfielder Kirby Puckett. The highest paid player was Kent Hrbek at $1,310,000; followed by Bert Blyleven at $1,150,000.
    1987 was the first year the Twins started using their modernized logos and uniforms, which are still in use today.
    Joe Niekro, a pitcher for the Twins, was suspended for 10 games when umpire Steve Palermo discovered a nail file in his pocket. Niekro said he was filing his nails in the dugout, but American League president Dr. Bobby Brown didn't believe him, and ordered the suspension.
    * The Homer Hanky was introduced for the first time in 1987. ..

  • 1987 World Series Game 1 - Twins vs Cardinals , from

  • "The energy and noise from the seats - Relive the excitement!!!"
    1987 Twins World Series Parade

    "The parade after the Minnesota Twins defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3"
  • 1987 World Series Championship | Fan Forum - Twins

  • "They were a team with no superstar, in a city that wasn't famous for its sports teams, but the 1987 Minnesota Twins blended their personalities, playing abilities and magic from the Metrodome and rode them all the way to a World Series Championship. "

    All-Star Game Representatives

    2007: Johann Santana (P), Justin Morneau (1B)-homerun derby, Tori Hunter (CF), and Ron Gardenhire (asst. coach) played at (San Francisco, CA)
    Kirby Puckett (CF)-MVP played at Oriole Park Camdem Yards (Baltimore, MD)
    played at the Metrodome (Minneapolis, MN)

    Twins History-Timeline, from Twins Official Homepage

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  • MLB All Star Games History, ESPN
  • Uniform Numbers

  • Minnesota Twins Uniform Numbers Compiled by Stew Thornley for the Minnesota Twins Media Guide
  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA


  • Minnesota Twins Watches,

  • " Fan-Watches offers a complete line of high quality MLB baseball Minnesota Twins watches for fans of all ages. Whether your looking to purchase a watch for a gift, or one for yourself, you will find that we have the largest selection of MLB baseball Minnesota Twins watches to choose from. Choose your favorite MLB baseball Minnesota Twins watch below."



  • Fox Sports
  • Twins topple ChiSox in 10

    "Jim Thome talks with FOX Sports North after the Twins' 7-6 win over the White Sox."


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